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How to Keep Your Dog Entertained On Rainy Days

Rainy weather can be challenging when it comes to keeping your dog entertained. Dogs need mental and physical stimulation and if they don’t have their usual outdoor playtime they may invent their own activities like chewing books, shoes, or clothes. So what should you do when you can’t take your pup on their walk or to the dog park to play with their friends? Try these dog-friendly rainy day activities:

1. Funny Photoshoot

Who doesn’t love taking pictures of their pets looking cute and being silly? A rainy day photoshoot is a fantastic way of entertaining your dog and keeping them occupied. Take pictures of them enjoying themselves during an indoor game of fetch, getting belly rubs, or doing something human-like, say playing the piano. Whichever shots you choose, you’re sure to be giving your pet plenty of attention, keeping them busy and entertained.

Pro tip: Keep the photo session short for a better experience and be sure to reward them throughout this activity to keep them engaged.

2. Dog Bowling

Dog bowling is a great activity for any pup who loves to play fetch! Gather empty plastic bottles or paper towel rolls to use as pins. Then, find a space in a hallway or another part of your home with enough room for your dog to run freely. Place all the pins at the end of the space in a triangular shape, just like when you go to the bowling alley. Take a “bowling” ball (your dog’s ball of choice) and roll it towards the pins, prompting your dog to excitedly fly after it and into the pins. Make a game of it by keeping track of how many pins family members knockdown. Whoever gets the highest number of pins wins!

This activity keeps your dog’s mind stimulated and body active while indoors. Be sure to encourage your dog with a lot of praise so they stay entertained and are less likely to be distracted by other things.

Pro tip: Always pay attention to what your dog likes and doesn’t like. Some dogs may not be fans of the pins or noises made during such an activity. If this is the case with your pooch, try something different.

3. Snack Attack

Dogs love food. Using a food “game” to keep your dog active and entertained is another great way of ensuring your pet stays happy indoors on rainy days. You can fill toys like a classic Kong with peanut butter or puzzle feeders with bits of their food to keep them busy. There are also many food dispensing bots out there that can help achieve this when you’re away from the house and unable to interact with your fur baby one-on-one.

Pro Tip: To avoid overeating, be strict about how often this activity is used. Be sure you account for the extra food intake in regularly scheduled meals for a well-balanced diet.

4. Pet Daycare

While your house may not be the ideal place for a pup to spend all day indoors, doggy daycare facilities are set up with your pet’s enjoyment in mind. Not only is daycare a fun hangout spot for your dog, but they benefit from:

1. Socialization and Exercise - Daycare allows dogs to play throughout the day, which is essential dog behavior. They meet new friends and learn new tricks from the staff as they socialize together.

2. Caring Staff - When you take your dog to daycare, they interact with the staff multiple times throughout the day. These are people with expertise in caring for dogs and giving them the best experience they deserve. So, you can be sure that your dog is in safe and secure hands.

3. Human Interaction - Many owners have to work outside of the home, leaving their dog alone for extended periods. This can become very lonely and potentially lead to depression in your pet. At daycare, you have peace of mind that your dog is being trained, fed, and entertained while you're away.

Test out one, or all, of these fun activities when getting outside isn’t an option and let us know what you think! When it comes time to give daycare a try, give us a call at (210) 900-4005.

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