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Welcome To North Star Grooming


Our pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. They make us laugh and give us great joy. They are dependable and loyal and have a lot to teach us too. At North Star Animal Center we aim to lead the way and demonstrate the highest standards and best practices within the grooming industry. We are as passionate about pet care as you are about your pets and we promise to always provide your cherished pets with love and safekeeping while they are in our care.  


From super-fluffy cats to heavy-shedding pups — North Star Animal Center offers a full service grooming salon!

In addition to Full Grooming, we also do:

   • Baths

   • De-shed Treatments

   • Coat brush-outs

   • Nail Clipping

   • Nail Grindings

   • Teeth Brushing

   • Ear Cleaning


To get complete grooming information or to
schedule an appointment call 210-900-4005

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